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Hi! I’ve gotten so many questions about modeling and how to build a modeling career, that over a decade ago I published a book with all my advice called the Insider’s Guide. Buying the book (254 pages) will also give you access to my Insider’s Guide article series (one per week, with valuable modeling advice).

Downloadable PDF version: $35

Printed version (US orders only): $55 ($40 + $15 shipping within the USA)

If you want to order the current edition (updated in March 2020), please send a PayPal payment to [email protected] and I’ll respond with either the downloadable version, or I’ll mail you the print version (depending on the amount you send).

Publisher: Lafayette Publishing

Table of contents:

  • How to get free photoshoots
  • How to build a following online
  • How to land an agency contract
  • How to avoid modeling scams
  • How to get overseas work
  • How to manage your finances
  • When to sign contracts (and when not to)
  • When to switch agencies